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Note: we have provided two solutions for producing calendars in Adobe InDesign - we strongly recommend the use of CalendarWizard over the use of templates given CalendarWizard's flexibility in terms of design and dates.


Using Adobe InDesign CalendarWizard (recommended)

Download and Decompress CalendarWizard

  1. Go to and click on the "Download" link - CalendarWizard will begin to download
  2. UnZIP / Decompress the downloaded file

Install CalendarWizard (Windows)

Note: install instructions are included in the file "README" contained in the CalendarWizard download, they are also summarized below. Also note the install instructions for both Windows and Mac OS X are nearly identical.

  1. Go to the "Windows" menu item, choose "Utilities" and choose "Scripts" - the "Script" window will appear
  2. Right click on the "User" folder and click "Reveal in Explorer" (Windows) or "Reveal in Finder" (Mac OS X) - the window containing user-specific Adobe InDesign scripts will appear (when running Windows 7, the location is typically this: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 7.0\en_US\Scripts)
  3. Open the "Scripts Panel" folder
  4. Copy the contents of the downloaded and extracted "calendarWizard" folder into the previously opened "Scripts Panel" folder - the install will be completed and CalendarWizard will now be available in the "Scripts" window

Running CalendarWizard

  1. Return to the Scripts window (go to the "Windows" menu item, choose "Utilities" and choose "Scripts")
  2. Click twice on the the script "calendarWizard.js to launch CalendarWizard
  3. Set the CalendarWizard Parameters as appropriate - we've included some suggestions below:
    1. For a single month calendar on one page (for instance, January 2011), choose "First Month: January 2011" and Last Month: January 2011"
    2. For a yearly calendar on one page (for instance, January 2011 to December 2011), choose "First Month: January 2011" and Last Month: December 2011" and change "Calendar per Page to 12."
  4. Press OK - CalendarWizard will begin to generate your requested calendar.

Notes: tested with CalendarWizard 3.4.15 with Adobe InDesign CS 5 on both Mac OS X and Windows 7

Using Adobe InDesign Templates

A number of calendar templates are available through Adobe's "InDesign Exchange" site, available at the following URL: Go to this site and enter "Calendar" in the search field labeled "Search InDesign."

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